At the November 11, 2017 General Membership meeting of RHANW, the decision was made to suspend the Stallion Stakes Auction indefinitely.  

There will not be a Stallion Services Auction in 2019, but we are planning to offer a Stallion Stakes Futurity at the RHANW show that is scheduled for August. Every effort will be made by RHANW to offer the Stallion Stakes class at one show each year until all eligible offspring have reached their 3 year-old year or the year 2021. All stallions whose breeding(s) sold in the years 2014-2017 will be considered fully nominated for all Stallion Stakes classes regardless of the year sold. Allocated funds will be distributed evenly over the remaining show years only to the Stallion Stakes division. No funds reserved for the Stallion Stakes shall be awarded to the Club Futurity but any remaining incidental amount will be returned to the RHANW General Fund for use in future events.